• Imported from USA.

    Do you know what a murder hole is?

    Or why a chimera is three times worse than most monsters?

    What would be better for storming castles, a trebuchet or a kopesh?

    To find the answers to these questions, you need this fascinating guide to transport yourself to fantasy's mysterious
    worlds. Featuring an introduction by mega-best-selling author Terry Brooks, the Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference
    reveals the facts behind the fantasy, giving you the details you need to make your fiction vibrant, captivating and

    From classic medieval witchcraft to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, every chapter will spark your creativity. An
    invaluable resource, it will also help you fill your writing with inventive new ideas rooted in accurate descriptions of
    the world's most intriguing legends, folklore and mysticism.

    Take this guide, venture into the fantastic, and create magical realms alive with detail. Great stories await you!