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All New Square Foot Gardening II: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Space

Product Description

Imported from USA


"Bartholomew, author of the popular Square Foot Gardening (1981), has refined his original square-foot gardening concept
by adding ten improvements, including a new location for the garden that is closer to the house, a special soil mix, and
six-inch deep, 4' x 4' above-ground boxes with grids. His techniques do not require heavy digging or fertilizers and
feature advice on using vertical gardening to save space. He clearly explains the square-foot concept, from the
rationale behind it (the square-foot garden takes up much less space than traditional row gardening and saves time,
money, and aggravation) to how to plan the garden, build the boxes and vertical supports, and employ his planting and
cultural techniques. There are also helpful charts for succession planting and spacing plants and a schedule for
starting seeds indoors. Despite its somewhat annoying tendency to read like an infomercial, this attractive,
easy-to-understand, and well-organized book for both novice and experienced gardeners is recommended for all libraries."
— Library Journal

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About the Author

Bestselling author, Mel Bartholomew was an engineer by profession and a gardener by weekend. Using his
engineering expertise, he developed a system that yields 100% of the harvest in 20% of the space. Mel’s method gained
popularity and ultimately he converted millions of gardeners world-wide to his Square Foot method. The Square Foot
Gardening titles have sold more than 2 million copies.

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