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    Review ------ “Wonderfully told, impressively researched…For fans of outdoor adventure, Alone on the Ice brings you as close to trekking in a blizzard on icy, dangerous terrain as you’ll likely want to get.” - Chuck Leddy, Minneapolis Star Tribune “Impressively seamless and straightforward.” - Christina Thompson, Boston Globe “A chilling story…You feel the freezing temperatures, the fear, the desperation, along with the loyalty of the other Australasian Antarctic Expedition members.” - Sandra Dallas, Denver Post “In Alone on the Ice, Roberts, a veteran mountain climber and chronicler of adventures, admirably succeeds in restoring the luster that the Australian Antarctic Expedition and its leader deserve.” - Dennis Drabelle, Washington Post “A fresh and thoroughly researched account of Doulas Mawson's epic journey of self-rescue across one of the most inhospitable regions known to man. Roberts takes the reader alongside the men of the 1912 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, and the desperation of Mawson s sledge journey can be well imagined step by frigid step.” - Ed Viesturs, author of K2: Life and Death on the World's Most Dangerous Mountain “Others have written the loose outlines of Douglas Mawson's astonishing survival against the worst conditions that Antarctica can deliver a lesser-known but equally compelling epic as that of Ernest Shackleton but Roberts's telling trumps them all.” - Gordon Wiltsie, author of To the Ends of the Earth “This is Roberts at his best, telling a little-known tale of adventure, tragedy, and endurance. Mawson may be the most famous Australian explorer, and Alone on the Ice is an admirable introduction of him to American readers.” - Greg Child, author of Over the Edge “An accurate and enthralling account of the greatest story of polar exploration and survival. Roberts takes the reader back to a time of hardship, collective friendship, and a level of determination unknown in todays culture. This book will make you cherish every meal and the joys of a warm bed.” - Conrad Anker, coauthor of The Lost Explorer: Finding Mallory on Mt. Everest Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) About the Author ---------------- David Roberts is the award-winning author of twenty-nine books about mountaineering, exploration, and anthropology, including Alone on the Wall which was written with world-class rock climber Alex Honnold, whose historic feats were featured in the film Free Solo. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )