• Imported from USA.

    A lively and fascinating narrative history about the birth of the
    modern world.

    Beginning in the heady days just after the First Crusade, this
    volume—the third in the series that began with The History of the
    Ancient World and The History of the Medieval World—chronicles
    the contradictions of a world in transition. Popes continue to
    preach crusade, but the hope of a Christian empire comes to a
    bloody end at the walls of Constantinople. Aristotelian logic and
    Greek rationality blossom while the Inquisition gathers strength.
    As kings and emperors continue to insist on their divine rights,
    ordinary people all over the world seize power: the lingayats of
    India, the Jacquerie of France, the Red Turbans of China, and the
    peasants of England.

    New threats appear, as the Ottomans emerge from a tiny Turkish
    village and the Mongols ride out of the East to set the world on
    fire. New currencies are forged, new weapons invented, and
    world-changing catastrophes alter the landscape: the Little Ice
    Age and the Great Famine kill millions; the Black Death, millions
    more. In the chaos of these epoch-making events, our own world
    begins to take shape.

    Impressively researched and brilliantly told, The History of the
    Renaissance World offers not just the names, dates, and facts but
    the memorable characters who illuminate the years between 1100
    and 1453—years that marked a sea change in mankind’s perception
    of the world.

    22 illustrations, 96 maps