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Publius Ovidius Naso, whom we know as Ovid, was already established as a writer when The Metamorphoses (
/exec/obidos/Title=%20The%20Metamorphoses/%24%7B0%7D ) was published in A.D. 8, when he was 52 years old. It had taken
him a decade to compose his great poem, during which time he published little, but the Roman world was still abuzz with
excitement over his richly erotic Art of Love ( /exec/obidos/Title=%20Art%20of%20Love/%24%7B0%7D ). So, unfortunately,
was the court of Augustus Caesar, and the emperor banished the poet to what is now Romania. Augustus may have taken
exception to the poet's turn to the impolite realm of the body--or he may have objected to a rumored affair between Ovid
and the emperor's nymphomaniacal daughter Julia, who figures so prominently in Robert Graves (
/exec/obidos/Author=Graves%2C%20Robert/%24%7B0%7D )'s Claudius novels. The poet who had declared Rome to be his only
home could have found no worse punishment than exile, but no amount of pleading could sway Augustus, and Ovid died on
the shores of the Black Sea a decade later. Full of veiled political and historical references, The Metamorphoses lived
on to become a permanent fixture in the canon of European literature. In Allen Mandelbaum's hands, it lives on for a new

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Translator and poet Mandelbaum offers his rendition of Ovid's classic work of mythology and change.
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