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The Prophets (Perennial Classics) Paperback – October 16, 2001

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According to the popular definition, a prophet is one who accurately predicts the future. But in the Jewish
tradition, as Abraham Joshua Heschel explains in The Prophets, these figures earn their title by witnessing the world
around them with outstanding passion. Prophets are those whose "life and soul are at stake" in what they say about "the
mystery of [God's] relation to man." They are "some of the most disturbing people who have ever lived," and yet they are
also "the men whose image is our refuge in distress, and whose voice and vision sustain our faith." Heschel's book, one
of the classic texts on the subject, contains sophisticated, straightforward discussions of each of the Hebrew prophets,
the primary themes of their preaching, and comparisons of Israel's prophets to those of other religions'. Throughout,
Heschel avoids the two great temptations in any discussion of prophesy: overstating the supernatural quality of a
prophet's epiphany ("A prophet is a person, not a microphone"), and reducing prophesy to a merely human phenomenon.
Instead, Heschel describes the prophet's peculiar status as God's spokesman in a way that does justice to its
complexity: "He speaks from the perspective of God as perceived from the perspective of his own situation." --Michael
Joseph Gross

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About the Author

Abraham J. Heschel (1907-1972), born in Poland, moved to the United States in 1940. A professor at the Jewish
Theological Seminary in New York, Heschel became an active and well-known participant in the Civil Rights movement and
the protests against the Vietnam War.

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