PS3 Racing Wheel Controller

by Hori

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  • Officially licensed by SCEA
  • Steering Wheel and foot pedal controller for the PlayStation 3
  • Steering wheel features rumble capability for heightened realism during game play
  • Steering wheel is easy to grip and provides maximum stability
  • Analog foot pedals are sensitive to your inputs and delivers a realistic racing experience
  • Breathtaking Driving Experience

    Take control of any racing game with the HORI Racing Wheel 3, and put yourself in the race! Complete with foot pedals,
    paddle shifters, and all other controls located on the wheel, this programmable controller is all you need to get the
    most out of any racing game. Featuring vibration feedback and high-quality rubberized grips, the HORI Racing Wheel 3
    puts you behind the wheel! Officially licensed by SCEA.
    Racing WheelThe ultimate driving set up for the PlayStation 3.
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    Rubberized GripWheel features high quality rubber material for better grip. You can also use the buttons for
    acceleration/braking controls. Switch between foot pedal and button controls with ease.
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    Foot Pedal UnitExperience real racing acceleration and braking controls using the included foot pedal unit.
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    Lap BeltAttach to a flat surface with suction cups, or use the included belt to lock the controller to your lap,
    allowing game play to be possible anywhere.
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    Vibration FeedbackAchieve sense of realism with vibration feedback. *Product does not feature force feedback capability.
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    FunctionsFeatures all the controls of a typical PlayStation 3 controller and programmable functions.
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    Don’t settle for playing with a pad, get the real driving experience by using a full racing wheel set up. Put yourself
    behind the wheel and in the driver’s seat!


    * Steering Wheel Dimensions: (L)9.4in x (D)12.6in x (H)10.6in
    * Weight: 2.3 lbs
    * Cable Length: 9.8ft
    * Rotation Angle: 180°
    * Stability System: Suction Cups
    * Other: Rubber Grip / Paddle Shifters
    * Foot Pedal Dimensions: (L)6.7in x (D)7.5in x (H)3.9in
    * Weight: 0.8 lbs
    * Foot Pedal Cable Length: 4.9ft


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