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DC Cargo Mall 2" x 20' E Track Cam Strap, Durable Cam Buckle Cargo TieDown, Heavy Duty Blue Polyester Tie-Down Cam Strap, ETrack Spring Fittings, Tie Down Motorcycles, Trailer Loads

Product Description

LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION TO the constant mess of worn out straps and badly-placed D ring anchors? Try an E-track strap! RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE, STRONG – they’re THE PERFECT TIE-DOWN STRAP.

THIS 2" x 20' ETRACK CAM STRAP works with all standard E track rails – no hooks or loose ends. Not sure about the E-track system? See the pictures for a guide and see below for a simple download to explain it simply!

WHAT MAKES CAM BUCKLES DIFFERENT THAN RATCHETS? For starters, they’re much easier to use. Just one finger press to tighten and loosen.

THEY’RE ALSO SLIGHTLY less tight than ratchets, with a working load limit of 835 pounds. This makes them GREAT for those cargo loads you need to be gentler with – like insulation, hay, kids… (kidding, I hope), or just when your cargo doesn’t require the extreme security of a ratchet and you don’t miss the tiresome cranking of those big clumsy handles.

A CUSTOMER POINTED OUT, “the straps are folded and stitched at the end to keep them from sliding through the cam buckle.” Of course! QUALITY is just part of manufacturing tie-downs that truckers, drivers, business owners, campers – and ANYONE CAN RELY ON, and we’re proud to pass it on to you with a 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE.

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Imported from USA


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