• Imported from USA.
    Designed to cover the most common capacitance values of the most common capacitor types. This kit is well suited to almost any electronics project requiring capacitors. Beginner hobbyists and veteran electronics experts alike will appreciate the variety and organization of components included with this kit. Each value is packaged neatly in its individual bag and boxed in order from least to greatest value. Have every capacitor on hand for your next project with this Joe Knows Electronics () Brand capacitor kit. Included Parts Ceramic Disc 10%: (15): 4.7pF, 10pF, 15pF, 33pF, 68pF, 100pF, 150pF, 330pF, 680pF, 1.5nF, 2.2nF, 3.3nF, 6.8nF (30): 22pF, 47pF, 220pF, 470pF, 1nF, 4.7nF Multilayer Ceramic 10%: (15): 15nF, 22nF, 33nF, 68nF, 0.22uF, 0.47uF (30): 10nF, 47nF, 0.10uF Aluminum Electrolytic 20%: (15): 2.2uF, 10uF, 47uF, 470uF (30): 4.7uF All Capacitors are 50V. Manufactured by Joe Knows, Inc.