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    About the Author ---------------- I am a drummer and the author of three current book series. The first series is the Frank Randall Mysteries. Frank Randall is a hard-boiled detective who roams the 1970's. If you enjoy Hammett, Chandler, or MacDonald (with a touch of Jim Rockford) then I hope you'll enjoy the Frank Randall Mysteries. The Referral Game is the first in the series. The second is The Visible Suspect. Both are now available on for the Kindle. The second series is the Zombie Civilization Saga. The first book is Zombie Civilization - Genesis and the second is Zombie Civilization: Exodus. The survivors of the initial infection struggle to construct a new society out of the ruins without becoming barbarians in the process. This series is planned for a set of three books. The third series I have begun is the Sherlock Holmes Uncovered Tales. The first book, The Eccentric Painter, is currently number one in the kindle store for Sherlock Holmes books. The second book, The Iron Dog, was released June 27, 2013. These are traditional Sherlock Holmes tales with every effort to adhere to the Doyle canon. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )

    The Iron Dog: A Sherlock Holmes Uncovered Tale (Volume 2)