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Plum The PlumBand Stretch Band for Dance and Ballet – Colors and Sizes for Kids & Adults – Improve Your Splits, Strength, and Flexibility with Stretching Purple, Regular

Product Description

THE TOP-RATED STRETCH BAND FOR DANCERS. There's a reason people are in love with the PlumBand! It's a strong, elastic stretch band made from one continuous loop of premium grade natural rubber with the perfect thickness and resistance for the strength and flexibility training required in ballet and dance. And its loop design lets you focus on position and proper technique while stretching with your arms and upper body free.

INCREASE FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH. Increase your flexibility and range of motion, strengthen key muscles, and warm up your arms, legs, and feet before rehearsal or competition. And while designed for dancers, the PlumBand is equally useful for gymnastics, synchronized swimming, ice skating, and other sports that require a high degree of strength and flexibility.

SIZES FOR KIDS & ADULTS. Only the PlumBand comes in two sizes, Small for the young and petite (56 inches and shorter), and Regular for the older and taller (57 inches and taller). Both are strong and durable enough to last through the busiest schedules.

EASY TO USE ANYWHERE. Lightweight, compact, and easy to set up, so you can take it anywhere. Roll it up into the included drawstring bag, then pop it out to use at home, at the studio, at the gym, or wherever you happen to be.

MADE FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS. There's a colorful, printed instruction booklet in the box that will help you get started with basic stretches even beginners can do. Then, as your strength and flexibility improves, the PlumBand will grow with you, enabling even the the kinds of advanced stretching done in professional ballet programs around the world.

Imported from USA

Finally, a stretch band that fits! With 2 sizes to choose from, there's a PlumBand for everyone, and it comes
professionally packaged. Plus, the exclusive PlumMark invites creative expression.

This continuous-loop dance strap from PlumBand is a must for dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders. Improve your balance,
strengthen your muscles, & increase your flexibility all with one easy-to-use, carry, and store stretch band.

Your PlumBand stretch-out strap comes with a drawstring travel bag so you can easily roll your band and tuck it inside.
You won't find it looped around your workout clothes when you get to the gym. Not only that, but the included guide
details 13 stretching and balance exercises to help you achieve maximum flexibility while strengthening leg, back, arm,
and shoulder muscles. And unlike some other bands that are delivered in a zip-top baggie, your PlumBand is beautifully
packaged, so it makes a great gift as well.

Maybe more important, though, we realize that one size really does not fit all, so the PlumBand stretching strap comes
in two lengths for a perfect fit. Choose the small, 60-inch (pink) band for dancers under 56 inches, or the regular-size
(90-inch) band for those who are 57 inches or taller. No more struggling with bands that are too long (or too short) for
effective use.

• All-natural latex
• Illustrated stretching guide included
• Drawstring travel pouch
• Customizable PlumMarkTM logo
• 2 sizes to choose from

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friends, too.