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Product: 242691

Product Description

Blue Color

Uses two AA batteries

Imported from USA

Enjoy portable gaming with more magnificent and vivid images. Neogeo Pocket Color is equipped with SNK's custom-made
reflecting TFT-format LCD. It's bigger and easier to see, and displays up to 4,096 colors with a simultaneous display of
146 colors. Continuous play about 40 hours long is made possible with two AA batteries and a lithium battery. Enjoy
cartridges for the Neogeo Pocket in simulated color. Software for the color model can also be used for the Neogeo Pocket
(images will be displayed in black and white). The popular Revolving Joystick is a must for maneuverability in action
games and the like. It also comes with "Calendar", "International Clock", "Alarm Function" and "Horoscope" functions,
which can be used with the main unit only. A "Pocket Menu" is built-in too. Because the battery back-up function and
clock function are built into the main unit, enjoy simulation games, which use the passage of time. Accessories can be
used for both the monochrome model and the Neogeo Pocket Color.