• INCLUDES: One Marine Pin Wrench with a size of 35 mm x 6 mm and a 1/2" socket drive..
  • COMPATIBILITY: Our pin wrench fits the tilt caps on all Showa manufactured Trim/Tilt Units, Yamaha F115-F150 (2004-2010), all Yamaha I4 2.8L (F175-F200), Yamaha 2-Strokes (115-225hp), all Yamaha VMAX, all Suzuki, Honda, Johnson, and Evinrude..
  • STRENGTH: Our pin wrench has a 200+ ft-lb MIN Pin Strength and comes with a lifetime warranty on the body..
  • STURDY: We create well made tools that stand the test of time. Our professional quality tools are used by Marine Mechanics on every coast..
  • HIGH STRENGTH: Our high strength tools are made to last a lifetime. Buy tools that are made to last from a company you can trust..
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  • Imported from USA.
Professional Quality Forged Stainless Steel Pin Spanner Wrench AMT0009 - 35mm x L-6mm Pins. * LIFETIME WARRANTY on body * Replacement Pins Available FITS:* Tilt Cap on ALL SHOWA manufactured Trim/Tilt Units * Tilt Cap on Yamaha F115-F150 (2004-2010) * Tilt Cap on ALL Yamaha I4 2.8L (F175-F200) * Tilt Cap Yamaha 2-Strokes (115-225hp) * Tilt Cap on ALL Yamaha VMAX * Tilt Cap All Suzuki, Honda,Johnson, Evinrude Replacement Pins:* AMT0011 - L-6mm Equivalent Yamaha Factory Tool:* YB-06548