The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

by Harmony

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  • Harmony
  • Q&A with Haylie Pomroy

    Haylie Pomroy Q. Why is metabolism so important?

    A. First of all, metabolism isn’t a thing—it’s a process! It’s how your body converts food into either fuel or body
    substance (muscle, fat, bone, blood). If you have a fast metabolism, your body easily processes nutrients into heat and
    energy, or into creating a strong body. If you’ve got a slow metabolism, you’re storing—instead of burning—and more of
    your food ends up stuck to your thighs and belly as fat. The good news is that you can CHANGE your metabolism by eating
    the right foods.

    Q. In the book you talk about the importance of switching up what you eat and how it can help you lose weight. Can you

    A. To start fixing your broken-down metabolism and lose weight, you’ve got to re-train it: You have to confuse it to
    lose it. And by eating the right nutrient-dense whole foods on the right days and at the right times, that’s exactly how
    you’ll get your metabolism burning fast and hot, like it should be.

    It sounds like magic, but it’s really just good, solid science. The book is the product of 20 years of clinical
    experience, of helping people lose weight and keep it off. It’s worked for my clients—many of them athletes and
    celebrities—and it can work for you too. Each phase of the diet—and the specific foods within that phase—sets off
    precise reactions in your body, coaxing it to unlock and burn fat. It’s the constant switcheroo that forces your
    metabolism to get going again!

    * Phase One focuses on fruit and whole grains
    * Phase Two emphasizes alkalizing veggies and lean proteins
    * Phase Three balances proteins, veggies, fruit, and whole grains, plus healthy fats

    Q. And I don’t have to count calories?

    A. Nope! Your metabolism doesn't count calories and neither should you, as long as you follow the diet's guidelines for
    which foods to eat and when to eat them. A "calorie" has nothing to do with your weight or metabolism; it's actually a
    unit of measure—the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius!

    Q. Is this diet really for everybody?

    A. The Fast Metabolism lifestyle is the way we SHOULD be eating all the time, not just for the 28-day course of the
    diet! With The Fast Metabolism Diet, you'll learn healthy eating habits that will improve your physical and mental
    well-being, no matter how much weight you need to lose. There's plenty of flexibility for working around food allergies
    or sensitivities, and any other restrictions imposed by medical conditions.

    Q. So you're saying real food, not processed is the way to go?

    A. We eat only real food on the Fast Metabolism Diet. Nothing fake, nothing with an ingredient list as long as your
    arm. Fat-free and sugar-free diet junk are off the table too. The diet lists healthy portion sizes too—you’ve got to
    fuel that metabolism. And you won’t go hungry. In fact, many of my clients are surprised how much food they get to eat.

    So say bye-bye to frozen low-cal dinners and fat-free “diet” foods. That’s fake food—it’s just a load of chemicals that
    drag down your metabolism.

    Luckily, real food is really pretty easy. The Fast Metabolism Diet book includes more than 50 super-simple
    recipes—including family favorites like my Slow-Cooker Chili and Pepperoncini Pork Roast—that you can tailor to your
    preferences and cooking style.

    Q. So what happens after I've reached my goal?

    A. Learn how to live the Fast Metabolism lifestyle! Once you create your fast metabolism, you get to use it! Enjoy
    barbecues, birthday parties, holiday feasts—and really enjoy them. With the Fast Metabolism Diet, you’ll learn how to
    keep that metabolic fire roaring so you can handle every diet curve life throws your way. By the time you hit your goal
    weight, you'll have built exactly the habits you need to live a balanced, food-loving life. You don't have to follow the
    phases anymore (although you can). Just follow the diet's rules for maintenance and remember the true meaning of "DIET":
    Did I Eat Today?


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