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Invasion Rabaul: The Epic Story of Lark Force, the Forgotten Garrison, January - July 1942 (Rabaul Trilogy)

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The riveting first book in Bruce Gamble's critically acclaimed Rabaul trilogy, originally published in hardcover
as Darkest Hour, which chronicles the longest battle of World War II.

January 23, 1942, New Britain. It was 2:30 a.m., the darkest hour of the day and, for the tiny Australian garrison sent
to defend this Southwest Pacific island, soon to be the darkest hour of the war. Lark Force, comprising 1,500 soldiers
and six nurses, faced a vastly superior Japanese amphibious unit poised to overrun Rabaul, capital of Australia’s
mandated territories. Invasion Rabaul, the first book in military historian Bruce Gamble’s critically acclaimed Rabaul
trilogy, is a gut-wrenching account of courage and sacrifice, folly and disaster, as seen through the eyes of the
defenders who survived the Japanese assault. Gamble’s gripping narrative follows key individuals—soldiers and junior
officers, an American citizen and an Army nurse among them—who were driven into the jungle, prey to the unforgiving
environment and a cruel enemy that massacred its prisoners. The dramatic stories of the Lark Force survivors, told here
in full for the first time, are among the most inspiring of the Pacific War—and they lay a triumphant foundation for one
of today’s most highly praised military nonfiction trilogies.