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Transform Your Life Through Handwriting Audio CD – Unabridged, November 28, 2009

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Vimala Rodgers has taken the ancient idea that letters of an alphabet contain the energy of living spirits and brought
it into the modern world. She has created a practical system, Integral Handwriting, for drawing letters in a specific
and deliberate way in order to enhance the qualities that one wants to increase in his or her life.

After a brief introduction explaining her system and how to use it, Rodgers takes us through each letter of the English
alphabet individually, giving us it's related soul quality, element, gender, gemstone, animal, and guardian protector
(angel). She then tells us how to write the letter in a way that will enhance these attributes.

The book is part of a beautifully designed kit which also contains two CDs, a flash card for each letter of the
alphabet, and a blank journal with unlined paper. ("Unlined paper extends an open invitation to release hidden dreams
that are yours alone and allows you to become more of who you really are, playing life at the highest level.") The flash
cards contain both the soul quality that Rodgers associates with the letter and an affirmation intended to increase that

The author's vibrant personality comes through on every page. There is no excess of theory. We are given the basic
facts and then told to start writing and see for ourselves what happens. Because of the visual appeal and unique content
of this item, it will be a great present for people to buy for themselves, especially if the holiday season has them a
little down in the dumps.

I discourage you from displaying it with books on graphology or handwriting analysis. You will risk diminishing the
excitement this package has the potential to create as a stand-alone. You might, however, want to consider a small sign
that says, "NEW from Sounds True. -- New Age Retailer, January 18, 2010

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About the Author

Vimala Rodgers

Vimala Rodgers is an educator, handwriting expert, and motivational speaker, as well as the director of The
International Institute of Handwriting Studies in Sacramento, California. For more information, please visit her website

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