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Lotus and the Lily: Access the Wisdom of Buddha and Jesus to Nourish Your Beautiful, Abundant Life

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"I believe there is no important work we do than culturing our inner knowing. As a lifetime journal keeper,
I have chosen Janet Conner to be my most trusted guide on my interior journey. Revealing secret paths and signposts, she
illuminates our deepest and most fulfilling ways of being and becoming. Through The Lotus and The Lily I learned to
plant the seeds of my intention for a beautiful life in the fields of my Soul. A bountiful harvest awaits all who
journey within." --Diana von Welanetz Wentworth, founder of The Inside Edge motivational breakfast forum
(, and author of nine bestselling and award-winning books including two titles in the bestselling
Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"In this deeply nourishing 30-day program, Janet Conner weaves a magic carpet of the combined paradoxical wisdom of
Buddha and Jesus and carries us into transcendent creativity. The Lotus and The Lily is a joy ride!" --Ted Wentworth,
author of The Enlightenment Code, and Editor-in-Chief of Enlightenment Lifestyle Magazine

"The Lotus and The Lily is simply divine. In it, Janet Conner takes us far beyond the Law of Attraction. Through her
deeply transformative process, we learn to prepare ourselves for the life of our dreams. After participating in Janet's
program, I experienced a shift in focus--from wants and worries--to creating the conditions for my life to flourish.
This shift made all the difference." -Laura Harvey, editor of Daily Word

"The principles that Janet Conner guides the reader to discover become the essential elements of a dynamic spiritual
practice. These principles transcend denomination and dogma. They are practical, universal and impacting." --Mary Anne
Radmacher, artist and author Live with Intention and Lean Forward into Your Life

"The Lotus and the Lily is an invitation to experience more of everything that life has to offer. Wise, warm, and
friendly, this is an essential guide to living the adventure of your soul." --Joel Fotinos, author of Think and Grow
Rich Every Day

"Jesus said we could create heaven on earth. The Buddha said we could create the conditions for manifestation. Janet
Conner tells us how. Her 30-day program is spiritual yet imminently practical, deeply serious yet lots of fun. This is a
step-by-step guide to expressing our own divinity." --Ellen Debenport, author of The Five Principles

"Janet Conner has her priorities straight. And because she does, she's written a poetically precise guide to how we can
all grow beyond 'What's in it for me?' to 'Just how do I seek first the kingdom?' Do what she says and you'll know what
it means to have 'all these things' added to your very blessed life." --Victoria Moran, HHC, AADA, author of Creating a
Charmed Life and Main Street Vegan

"Janet Connor has taken her readers from Writing Down Your Soul to fully aligning with the pure intentions of our
purpose on earth. Janet's book The Lotus and the Lily lifts, lightens and leads the dedicated truth student to
understanding true prosperity. Lasting prosperity is when the lower earth chakras are balanced and the heart chakra is
open to allow the upper chakras of heaven to be revealed. The 'I AM' expression along with the gift of inner seeing
leads the readers to a new way of existence--a life free of wanting and a joyful life of always having." --Rev. Temple
Hayes, Senior Minister of Unity Campus, St Petersburg, FL and author of How to Speak Unity and The Right to Be You

"The Lotus and the Lily is a healthy corrective for the ego-driven, materialistic interpretation of spirituality that is
epidemic in our culture. Spirituality is not about getting your stuff. It is about developing a closer relationship with
the Transcendent, however named, as Janet Conner makes clear." -Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words and The Power
of Premonitions

"Janet Conner has emerged as a vibrant and innovative spiritual teacher. In her new book, The Lotus and the Lily, Janet
unlocks vital secrets to manifestation. She has created a process that helps people create their relationship to the
divine and set the stage to receive what we desire in alignment with our highest good. She teaches a myriad of
techniques, including an unusual way to use the mandala. A born teacher, Janet's fascination for spiritual connection
and learning guides her to take complex spiritual principles and turn them into step-by-step practices and processes
that will transform your relationship to giving and receiving. Her wisdom is vast and she will be a beacon in the field
for years to come. My mandala reminds me daily of staying connected to my trusted source and keeps me centered on the
importance of creating a receptive context. Janet has a key piece of the spiritual puzzle--this book will move you way
ahead on your spiritual journey." -Gail McMeekin, author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women and The 12 Secrets
of Highly Creative Women

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About the Author

Janet Conner is a vibrant writer, speaker, and teacher who became a catalyst for deep soul change after a series of
personal traumas. Her landmark book, Writing Down Your Soul (Conari 2009), connects readers to their "extraordinary
voice within" and is consistently the #1 book in its category on .

Janet's newest book, The Lotus and the Lily, cracks the abundance code by linking the wisdom of the inner voice with the
surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Jesus. In a profound yet simple 30-day program, Janet sheds radical new
light on the "Great Paradox of Prosperity" and guides readers to create the personal receptive conditions that nourish a
bountiful life.

Janet and her work have been featured in national media including Martha Stewart's Whole Living, Daily Word, Daily Om,, and more. Janet speaks nationally at conferences, churches, book events, and retreats and teaches a
series of telecourses with thousands of students worldwide. With her signature teaching of "Your Soul Wants Five
Things," Janet is fast becoming a major voice for spiritual growth and understanding in our time.

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