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    Barrel racers are driven by an unrelenting desire to win. Unfortunately, they are often misled. The secrets have been well kept for much too long. The time has come for barrel racers to stop looking for success, in all the wrong places. In this revolutionary book, author Heather Smith boldly reveals the real reasons for slow times, tipped barrels, behavior problems and much more. Smith challenges readers to develop new perspectives and describes specific action steps, all proven to yield positive, fast results. Secrets to Barrel Racing Success provides an integral foundation, yet far from just the basics, it empowers barrel racers to demystify even the most advanced concepts: - Sense and correct subtle mistakes on the pattern quickly and easily. - Utilize special techniques to make any barrel horse faster. - Realize what feel really is, and how you can harness it's power. - Develop a barrel horse that is always mentally focused and with you. - Communicate in a way that creates feather-light responsiveness. - Become a rider and competitor that brings out the best in every horse. - Achieve optimum barrel racing performance, through optimum horse health. - Master your inner game for confidence every time you blast down the alley. - Understand true collection, why it's so critical and how to achieve it. The secret to winning lies in becoming aware of and dissolving the lesser-known blocks (that many don't even know exist) standing in the way of success. In the process, a path is cleared for each barrel racer to achieve their greatest potential. Only when the secrets are revealed, does winning become possible.