Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice with CD-ROM, Second Edition (UItimate Review & Reference Series)

Product Description

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Gain confidence in your Spanish-language communication using the method trusted by more than 200,000 students

The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice gives you a good grasp of grammar so you can build your skills and confidence
in communication. Each grammatical concept is explained and illustrated with engaging sentence examples; you'll also get
extensive exercises offer practice at applying this knowledge in everyday conversation.

This book/CD-ROM package includes:

* More than 400 exercises, in addition to 200 exercises on the accompanying CD-ROM
* A Pre-Test that identifies your strengths and weaknesses and a Post-Test that helps you review your progress, both on
* Bonus online content, including audio exercises as well as internet-based activities focused on key cultural website
across the Spanish-speaking world
Topics include: Pre-Test Verbs, The present tense, Ser & estar, Stem-changing verbs & verbs with spelling changes, The
preterit tense, The imperfect tense, The future & conditional tenses, Reflective verbs, Passive constructions, The
perfect tenses, The gerund & the progressive tenses, The subjunctive in noun clauses: present & present perfect
subjective, The imperfect subjective & past perfect subjective conditional sentences, The subjective adverb & adjective
clauses, Commands, The infinitive Nouns and Their Modifiers, Pronouns, Nouns & articles, Adjectives, Demonstratives &
possessives, Personal pronouns: subject, object, prepositional, Relative pronouns Other Elements of the Sentence,
Adverbs, Prepositions, Interrogative words & question formation, Negative & indefinite words, Numbers; dates; time,
Idiomatic Usage, Idiom, expressions, & proverbs, Word formation & diminutives, ¡Ojo! Common errors & pitfalls