Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch

Product Description

Slick MTB/Hybrid road and trail tire; 26 by 1.95 inches

Patterned after motorcycle tires for low rolling resistance and traction

Wire beads increase durability

Directional grooves channel water to the outer tire edge

Blackwall sides for a lighter weight profile

Imported from USA

Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Blackwall, 26-Inch x 1.95-Inch comes highly respected аnԁ іѕ always a regular
сhοісе amongst many people. Thіѕ product contains blackwall, wire bead аnԁ ехсеƖƖеnt tire.


Patterned after motorcycle tires, the Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle tires offer increased speed and
reduced rolling resistance for MTB and hybrid bikes--without sacrificing traction. Unlike a typical MTB knobby tire, the
K838 Slick provides a smooth and consistent rolling surface that allows the tire to gain and maintain speed on paved and
hard packed surfaces. Meanwhile the tire's wider, 1.95-inch profile and directional grooves provide the traction
demanded by all terrain riding. The grooves also effectively channel water to the outer edge of the tire so that you can
maintain a grip on wet roads, through puddles, and on wet trails. The blackwall sides reduce the overall weight profile
of the tire and the wire bead pattern increases the tire's strength and durability. While not meant for serious off road
riding, the Kenda K838 is a good choice for riders who want a smooth and fast experience on the road, but who also want
to keep their MTB or hybrid trail ready.


* Wheel Size: 26 by 1.95 inches
* Weight: 737 grams
* Maximum recommended PSI: 65 pounds
* Minimum recommended PSI: 40 pounds

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