• Simply attach this accessory to the bottom of your GameCube, then add a game -- your Game Boy game is now on your TV. No other modifications are required!.
  • Use your GameCube controller or GBA (Game Boy Advance) as your controller.
  • Includes Game Boy Player Startup disc.
  • No extra power supply required.
  • Game Boy Player lets you play more than 1,200 Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance games on your TV through GameCube. GBP is a 1 inch platform that connects to bottom of GameCube..
  • Imported from USA.
See Game Boy Games like you've never seen them before! Play Game Boy games on a TV throught the Nintendo GameCube. Attaches to the bottom of the GameCube to the High Speed Port. Use the GameCube Controller or any Game Boy Advance system as a controller. Connects to other Game Boy systems for multiplayer games through the External Extension Connector. Compatibility with all regular Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game paks (will not work with motion sensor or rumble feature game paks).

Game Boy Player