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Atari Lynx 2 Portable Handheld Video Game System

Product Description

World's First Portable Color Entertainment System

Imported from USA

In 1989, Atari released a second version of the Lynx with a number of improvements including an extra hour of battery
life, a sharper LCD screen, a button to switch off the backlight (to save on battery power when games are paused), a
Power LED (it blinked when the battery was low) and rubber grips on the back, all encased in a smaller more
rectangle-looking black casing. The Lynx II was backward-compatible with all Lynx games and was later advertised as
being able to communicate directly with the upcoming 64-bit Jaguar.
CPU: Dual 16-bit custom CMOS-Mikey and Suzy (16MHZ/custom CPU on its own is 8-bit)
Colors: 4096 (16 simultaneous per scan line)
Resolution: 160x102 pixels
Screen: LCD 82.55mm x 47.75mm (88.9mm/3.5" diagonal)
Sound: 8-bit 4 channel (mono for Lynx, stereo for Lynx II)
Game Media: 2MB (16Mbit) cartridge
Power: 4 hours for Lynx/5 hours for Lynx II (6 AA batteries)

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