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Product Description

Divide and conquer! The bear and bird are back, and this time, they can split up and work alone.

Play as Mumbo! Now you'll get to take control of the bone headed shaman himself.

Meet Humba Wumba! She'll transform Banjo into a number of objects, such as a walking, talking statue or tightie white shootin washer.

Imported from USA

Banjo and Kazooie, that bear and bird platforming pair from their beloved, eponymous game, are back in Banjo-Tooie.
Their second adventure will take them through eight new worlds, full of hulking bosses, minigames, and the series'
trademark goofy gameplay. There are plenty of new moves to learn, but this time Banjo and Kazooie can work some missions
independently, utilizing special skills. Banjo-Tooie features a multiplayer element to some of the minigames, in some
cases supporting four players!

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