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Product Description

Size: 16 Oz

Imported from USA

Eqyss MegaTex Rebuilder is a horse grooming product that uses a revolutionary formula to revitalize hooves and hair.
MegaTek's Rebuilder formula does not include silicone, synthetic polymers, oils or petroleum based products which may
cause dry, brittle hair and hoofs. Instead, MegaTek Rebuilder will strengthen horse hair, making manes and tails
thicker, fuller, longer as well as more resistant to breaking. It is also an ideal remedy to condition and vitalize hair
on bare spots caused by halter and blanket rubs or injuries. Using MegaTek Rebuilder will strengthen and repair damage
to hoofs as well. Quarter cracks heal faster, sand cracks and chipping disappear and shoes will hold better. MegaTek is
perfect for shelly footed horses. Protect and rebuild your horse's hooves and coat with MegaTek Equine Rebuilder
Environmentally Friendly NonToxic