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Kid Galaxy RC Bump 'n Chuck Bumper Cars

Product Description

Interactive, head to head RC fun

Oppenheim platinum award winner

Hit your opponent’s car on either side and send his driver flying

Sound chip activated when driver is ejected

Working fans on back of cars give the illusion that they are powered by wind

Imported from USA

Get ready to send your opponent flying with the Bump 'n' Chuck RC Bumper Cars from Kid Galaxy. These futuristic bumper
cars race around each other with remote control technology, and when they collide, drivers are ejected right out of
their seats. Prepare yourself for a fierce competition between team orange and team blue!

Kid Galaxy Logo

Bump 'n' Chuck
RC Bumper Cars

* Ages: Six and up
* Requires: 10 AAA batteries

At a Glance:

* Sleek, futuristic design
* Working fans suggest wind-powered operation
* Remote controllers have two joystick controls
* Drivers are ejected from their seats with a cackling cry

Kid Galaxy Bump 'n' Chuck RC Bumper Cars Hit your opponent's car straight on or sideswipe it and watch his driver
eject or "chuck" through the air. View larger.

Futuristic Design and Performance

The Bump 'n' Chuck Bumper Cars have a sleek, aerodynamic design that adds to the intensity of their races. This look
begins with the drivers. Each driver is seated in a color-coded car (orange or blue), and wears a black full-body suit
with an orange or blue helmet, gloves, and shoes.

Each remote controller has two different levers--the left side controls the movement of the car, and the right side
controls the movement of the working fans on the back of each car. The joystick abilities on each remote controller are
fairly sensitive, giving players strong control over the direction and agility of their cars. Functioning, manipulable
fan vents give the illusion that the cars are actually powered by wind.

Bump the Cars to Eject Your Opponent

Each of the round cars has a set of two orange or blue buttons on either side. The object of the bumper car game is for
the players to bump their opponent's buttons to send the drivers flying from their seats.

Once the buttons are bumped, a driver is ejected from the car seat and a sound chip is activated. The car sounds a
cackling cry to announce that there is a victor in the game!

What's in the Box

Two bumper cars, two remote controllers, two drivers, and instructions.