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The Boys' Book Of Survival (How To Survive Anything, Anywhere)

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Living up to the Boy Scout motto “Be prepared,” this title covers everything from pimples to zombie
invasions. This nod to yesteryear has plenty of practical pointers, with passages on how to put someone in the recovery
position or carry someone with a foot or ankle injury, but most of the chapters have a basis in orienteering (How to
Make a Compass Using the Sun), just-in-case scenarios (How to Escape from Quicksand), and the fantastical (zombies,
anyone?). Campbell presents his instructions in clearly written and easy-to-read lists. Of course all this valuable
information comes after a giant disclaimer, emphasizing common sense. Boys—and girls—interested in visiting far-off
places and roughing it in the wild will enjoy this campy guide. On the other hand, the girly counterpart, The Girls’
Book of Glamour: A Guide to Being a Goddess, cannot be recommended. Where the Boys’ Book manages to balance the fun and
frivolous with the useful, the Girls’ Book boils down to beauty tips. The disparity is, frankly, alarming. Grades 4-7.
--Courtney Jones

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