Product: 256684

Balance Bike,running Bike,12",no-pedal Training Bike ,Prebike

Product Description

Royal bikes provide an alternative way to learn to ride peddled bicycle, based on concept of balance first, pedal second

Training bicycle assists children ages two to six to balance, increase coordination, and eventually ride traditional bicycle

Uniquely designed with footrest area for balancing

Makes the transition to peddled bicycle quick and seamless

Light weight. I can hook it to the handlebar of my stroller on the way home from the park when little legs are too tired to ride it home at the end of the day

Imported from USA


●No pedal, chain, or training wheels, allowing child to master balance and steer a bicycle.

●Needed to ride bike without complicating factor of peddling , easy (basically no) maintenance.

●To teach your kids to ride a pedaled bicycle quickly and safely, try the balance-first,
pedal-next approach to learning to ride a bike.

●Children lift their feet up naturally and position them on to the foot rest maintaining proper
balance and center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle.

●With quick release on seat, the saddle's height can be adjusted without any tools.
This makes life easy for parents and insures proper fit for a growing child.