Product: 256686

Childrens Balance Bike Running Push Bicycle for Girls or Boys

Product Description

Helps children learn to balance for easier transition to pedal bikes

Running board for children to place their feet

Adjustable seat height and handlebar for best fit

Easy assembly - no pedals, chain or training wheels.

Recommended for ages 3+ - Handlebar pad Included!

Imported from USA

Learning to ride a bike is a big step in a child's life. This balance bike can make the process easier for your child.
This push bike takes pedaling out of the picture so your child can concentrate on balancing. Balance bikes, unlike
trikes and training wheels, allow children to learn to balance without assistance. When they're ready for a pedal bike,
they will pick it up much faster as they are already comfortable balancing. All they do is simply pedal!


* Lightweight & Sturdy! Only 5.5 lbs.
* Adjustable hanldebars w/ foam pad
* Adjustable seat height
* Running board for children to place their feet.
* Never flat foam tires
* Durable steel frame and handlebars
* Lightweight single piece molded wheels
* Limited Assembly required