Sourceone "Compact" Reading Rack Book Holder ,Treadmills ,Rowers,elipticals,stationary Bikes,climbers Etc. With Flat Display,

by Sourceone

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  • Made out of Clear HIGH IMPACT Plastic. Almost Unbreakable! Peel off Protective Plastic Sheet on both sides & you will have a CLEAR item
  • Sourceone "Compact" Reading Rack Book Holder ,Treadmills ,Rowers,elipticals,stationary Bikes,climbers Etc. With Flat Display.
  • Amazonman a89 Reading Rack: 8.5" x 9.5"-great compact size to throw in your gyn bag.
  • other amazon toy sellers are selling a low end acrylic knock off that will not fit your equipment
  • Fits Most Exercise Machines with a flat Console
  • The Amazonman Compact Reading Rack is made out of Clear High Impact Plastic. You'd have to fun it over with a car to
    break it! It fits most exercise machines that have a console/display. Now you can exercise and read at the same time! No
    Assembly Required: Just take it out of the box and use it! . the secret to a perfect treadmill book holder is just like
    shopping for clothes ,you would never go in looking for a pair of jeans and only look for the lowest price , same with a
    book holder ,measure your machine and measure your favorite books/magazines ,check out all the different sizes of book
    holder also look at the amazon custom made holders for a few dollars more you can get an exact fit , wouldn't that be
    great to get custom fit jeans for 19.99 . beware of low end amazon toy sellers selling acrylic knock off's doomed to
    yellow and crack with in months .. buy the best sourceone . lifetime guarantee