Product: 257573

Wii U Stylus and Screen Filter Set

Product Description

Officially licensed by Nintendo

Screen filter protects Wii U GamePad screen from scratches

Includes two styluses (two sizes) held together with a flexible strap

One stylus is stored within the Wii U GamePad while you use the other

Includes stylus holder for the Wii U GamePad

Imported from USA

Officially licensed by Nintendo. Protect your Wii U GamePad LCD screen from scratches and wear with a HORI Screen
Filter, and keep your styluses in place with HORI's dual stylus system. One stylus can be stored into the Wii U GamePad
stylus port while you use the other attached to a flexible strap. Never lose another stylus! The stylus snaps into the
included stylus holder which attaches to the back of the Wii U GamePad. The set includes one Wii U GamePad screen
filter, a stylus holder, two different-sized styluses and a flexible strap. Nintendo Wii U system not included.