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Sonic Spinball

Product Description

Unlike traditional Sonic games, you can actually fall outside of the boss arena. The bosses take a lot more hits than normal Sonic bosses, but to compensate it's easy to hit them multiple times in a row.

Sonic Spinball is basically a continuation of the pinball themed levels first seen in Spring Yard Zone and Casino Night Zone from the first Sonic games. As with those games you have some control of Sonic while he is being knocked around the pinball themed levels. The D-pad will move him while in ball form and the , , and buttons will cause the flippers to flick. If he happens to land on a flat surface you can move in a similar fashion to the Sonic games and be able to jump and perform the Spin Dash. This does not happen often as there are few platforms to land so platforming is kept to a bare minimum.

The objective of the game is to collect the Chaos Emeralds which are hidden in each level and defeating the levels boss. To do this obstacles must be cleared and levers must be switched. Rings are scattered around the level but do not grant free lives or extra protection from hits (enemies never attack and you are always in ball form when encountering them anyway). However, if all the rings in the level are collected it will open up the opportunity to visit a hidden multi-ball Bonus Stage known as Cluckers Defense.

Imported from USA

The Sega mascot's unfortunate foray into pinball, Sonic Spinball is a dull, repetitive game in which the blue-haired
hedgehog slowly bounces around four different worlds (including The Toxic Caves and Lava Powerhouse), bumping into
bumpers and other targets, spinning into robots, battling bosses (Dr. Robotnik), and grabbing rings and Chaos Emeralds.
There's a little running and jumping involved (and even a mine cart), but most of the action involves batting Sonic with
pinball-style flippers and hoping he lands where you aim (the tunnels and other exit points can be tough to hit). The
graphics lack the vibrancy and polish of the standard Sonic the Hedgehog games, and the ineffectual techno-pop music and
sparse sound effects are about as disappointing as the game itself. For a vastly superior pinball game on a comparable
system, try either Alien Crush or Devil's Crush for the TurboGrafx-16.