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Product ID: 258823


  • Exciting puzzle game
  • Fast-paced fun
  • Catchy music
  • Increasing difficulty and speeds
  • For 1 or 2 players
  • Manufacturer Description
    Beams boxes zig-zags and L-shaped block drop down a narrow passage. Feel your pulse quicken as you spin shift and align
    the shapes for a perfect fit. It's challenging and demands a split second decision!
    Product Description
    Originally developed on a Russian DCC clone PDP Computer by a humble employee of the Moscow Academy of Sciences, Alexey
    Pajitnov's mega hit succeeds where other puzzle games have failed: by keeping it simple. Seven blocks, known as
    Tetraminoes, and one empty "well" quickly translate into hopeless addiction. There are few games that haunt you even
    after you stop playing -- but 30 minutes with this puzzle masterpiece and you'll see Tetris pieces wherever you look. No
    matter what platform it's on, Tetris remains one of the purest and accessible videogames ever made, proving that some of
    the most addictive games are the simplest