Product: 258825

Donkey Kong


Product Description

Classic levels from the arcade

jump over barrels or smash them

new levels

manipulate key to get through exit door

collect items like rivets, purses, and umbrellas

Imported from USA

Donkey Kong has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend Pauline. Now, Mario must climb a series of platforms and ladders to rescue
her. However, this is not an easy task; the giant ape keeps throwing barrels at the mustached plumber. Luckily, Mario
can jump over the barrels or smash them with a hammer. When the time comes, he will have to collect a series of rivets
to get the ape to fall and finally rescue Pauline. All of the stages from the arcade classic are included, as well as
several new ones. To get through the new stages, Mario must move a key to the exit door while avoiding a large number of
enemies. Hopefully, he will be able to make it through all of the stages and rescue Pauline in DONKEY KONG