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Product Description

Objects can be destroyed by running into an explosion, allowing for clusters of enemies to be destroyed with a single hit. Unfortunately, this also applies to the player's base, making it possible to be killed by a low-altitude target that has just been destroyed. The sky changes color when the player reaches certain point levels: Black (starting); Blue (1,000-4,999); Purple (5,000-19,999); Turquoise (20,000-49,999); Gray (50,000-99,999); Black (100,000+). A multiplier is applied to all point values, starting at 1 and increasing with each new level to a maximum of 6.

Imported from USA

Astrosmash is a space-shooter game of its era and involves shooting bombs, asteroids, missiles and flying saucers. It is
somewhat similar to the game Asteroids in that most of the target objects are rocks that break apart into smaller pieces
when shot, and the player can enter "hyperspace" as an evasive maneuver and be transported to a random position on the
screen; however, the player's cannon is more akin to that in Space Invaders as it is situated on a planetary surface and
thus can only move from side to side.