CTA Digital Inflatable Sports Kart

by Cta Digital

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Product ID: 260843


  • Comfortable seat
  • Strong and durable
  • Safe for Children
  • Steering wheel houses 3DS or Wii remote
  • Inflatable material for indoor use
  • Get in the driver's seat and hold on to the steering wheel as you drift around corners and race into first place on your
    Nintendo 3DS or Wii. Now you can maneuver through obstacles and speed through racetracks on either system with this
    Inflatable Sports Kart from CTA Digital. Racers can choose between steering with their Wii console remotes or use the
    3DS adapter to cruise through handheld games like Mario Kart 7 with motion control on their 3DS. The soft and
    comfortable seat supports a child up to 230 lbs. and drivers of all ages will enjoy playing their favorite motion
    controlled racing game riding in this fun sports kart. The kart is also very easy to set up, just pull out and pop open
    the air valves around the car and inflate each section with the included foot pump. Hop in your car and go! Package
    includes: (1) Inflatable Kart - (1) Plastic steering wheel cradle -(1) 3DS steering wheel adapter - (1) Foot Pump


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