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Etch A Sketch - Classic

Product Description

Portable 6.25 x 4.5 inch screen

Recommended Age Range 3 and Up.

The classically simple Etch-a-Sketch is one of the best-known toys of a generation and remains popular today.

No batteries, No problem. The classic Etch a Sketch is powered by skill and imagination.

Packaging may vary: White, Yellow and Blue or Red. Left knob draws left and right. right knob draws up and down. Turn both knobs together for angles and curves

Imported from USA

Some classics never lose their appeal! Nested in a colorful, open-faced box, this old friend has the same bright red
plastic frame, the same horizontal and vertical knobs, and the same inviting gray drawing screen as the original model.
And as always, this Classic Etch A Sketch will provide hours of pencil-free drawing as its owner masters the right-left
and up-down movements required. The magic screen upon which your drawings appear is glass, covered with protective clear
plastic film. Inside, aluminum powder and plastic beads respond to each turn of the knobs. Owners are encouraged to join
the Etch A Sketch club and receive a membership card, an official club patch, and a newsletter three times a year.
--Liane Thomas