• With Seat Pets, your Seatbelt always stays in place.
  • No More dangling heads or sore necks.
  • Easily attaches to seatbelts.
  • Take your Set Pets with you.
  • Imported from USA.
Easily attaches to seatbelts. ( ) Easily attaches to seatbelts. view larger ( ) Buckle Up, Snuggle Up --------------------- Seat Pets are seat belt attachments that provide comfort and support to your child’s neck and head. Each Seat Pet has three pockets, one that's a zippered pocket and one zippered compartment designed to store all of the things that kids want and need when they’re in the car – from MP3 players and hand-held games to toys and snacks, even an eight-ounce water bottle. Seat Pets are 21" long and are made of high-quality machine-washable material. Seat Pets logo. ( ) Seat Pets logo. view larger ( )

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