JINX Minecraft Head Costume Mask Set (Steve and Creeper)

Product Description

2 ITEM BUNDLE: Includes Steve and Creeper Head Costume Masks

Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINX

Lightweight cardboard mask

Measures approximately 12 inches square; One size fits most

Basic assembly required

Imported from USA

2 ITEM BUNDLE: Includes Steve and Creeper Head Costume Masks. STEVE: Countless hours of Minecraft tend to blur line
between reality and voxels. Toss one of these Steve heads on your melon and pay close attention to the reactions you
receive. If you see someone staring at you, rubbing their bloodshot eyes in disbelief, they probably just got off a 16
hour mining bender. CREEPER: "That's a nice everything you have there. It'd be a shame if something happened to it..."
This is the line that you have to memorize so that you can appropriately portray the role of the Creeper after donning
this mask. Of course, also work on hissing for long periods of time. It helps if you have the ability to randomly spawn
in poorly-lit areas. Actually, that's a cool ability to have under any circumstances.

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