• About this item.
  • Stealth Com Walkie Talkies are whisper sensitive for stealth communication..
  • Stealth Coms can communicate up to a range of 100+ feet and are always on for a continuous live audio feed..
  • Spy Gear’s Stealth Com Walkie Talkies are hands-free and inconspicuous to keep your conversations secret..
  • Stealth Com Walkie Talkies are made for Special Ops ages 8+ and require 2 AAA batteries (per unit) for operation..
  • Includes: 2 Stealth Com Walkie Talkies, 1 Instruction Guide.
  • Imported from USA.
Keep in constant communication with your covert-ops team using the Stealth Com Walkie Talkies! Remain undetected as the stealth throat mic leaves you hands-free while contacting other spies. Stealth Com Walkie Talkies let you whisper and still be heard by fellow operatives. With incredible range you can be in contact at a distance of up to 100+ feet. Build your collection of ultimate spy technology with Stealth Com Walkie Talkies! From the Manufacturer --------------------- Communicate with your fellow spy without being detected. Stealth technology allows you to whisper and still be heard by other spies. Hands-free communication on the go.

Spy Gear - Stealth Com Walkie Talkies