Three-Corner Flash Cards: Addition and Subtraction

Product Description

48 Two-sided triangle cards

Teaches addition and subtraction and the relationship between them

Ideal for 1st Grade to 3rd Grade

Ages 6 to 8

Imported from USA

These cards allow students to learn the relationship between operations. Each Three Corner flash card teaches a family
of facts. Each set has two operations and 46 two sided cards. Standard Focus: addition and subtraction computation, fact
families. Sold as Single Unit. Self-checking cards. Helps students learn addition and subtraction and the relationship
between them. Covers facts through 12. includes 48 two-sided cards.

From the Manufacturer

Kids react with excitement to these unique flash cards that teach 2 math operations and the relationship
between them. Self-checking cards include addition and subtraction facts through 12. 46 two-sided cards (5 1/2"
triangles). Durable and easy to hold. Great for solo or group play.

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