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Crown Sporting Goods Multi Colored Disc Cones with Metal Transportation Caddy (Pack of 50)

Product Description

Made using the highest quality materials

Tested for durability

Designed to be safe and unique

Set of 50 Multi-Color Plastic Disc Cones with metal carrier

Includes 10 discs of each color (Orange, blue, white, green and yellow)

Discs have a 2 inch height

Made from soft, low density poly ethylene to help prevent injuries

Great for marking off a field, setting up drill stations and establishing boundary lines

Imported from USA

If you coach or play sports, this set of 50 multi-color disc cones with transportation caddy is a must-have piece of
equipment. Disc cones are perfect for marking off sections of a training field, setting up drill stations or
establishing boundary lines. Each set comes with 50 discs. There are 10 discs of each blue, white, orange, green and
yellow. Having multiple colors available makes it easy to break into training groups or teams and establish different
stations during practice. The discs have a 2 inch diameter and stack flat for easy storage. A metal carrier, which
measures 9.5 inches tall, is also included for convenient transportation. Each disc is made from soft, low density poly
ethylene, so it is safe if a player should happen to fall.

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