Product: 264872

Powerflex Hand Tear Cohesive Bandage No Chew

Product Description

Controlled Compression, Will Not Constrict.

Sweat and Water Resistant. CONTAINS LATEX.

4" x 5 yds. Quick and Easy to Apply. Hand Tears Straight.

Strong-23 lbs. Tensile Strength. Resists Shredding.

Bitter, "No Chew" Print to Prevent Biting, Chewing & Tearing of Bandage by Horses and Large Animals.

Imported from USA

This handy set of 3 PowerFlex No Chew 4" x 5 yds (stretched)/4" x 2.2 yds unstretched is safe for humans and animals. A
great item to stash in your barn first aid kit. It may leave a residue on your hands after application. The manufacturer
recommends wearing gloves or washing hands after applying.