RipStik Caster Board - Blue

Product Description

Groundbreaking caster board that acts like a skateboard/snowboard hybrid

Pivoting deck and 360-degree caster trucks enable snowboard-like carving

Spiked traction pads, kick tail and nose, and concave deck design

76mm polyurethane wheels and precision ABEC-5 bearing casters

Designed for children 8 years and up; supports up to 220 pounds

Imported from USA

Razor RIPSTIK in-line caster board. Easier to ride than a skateboard. Plastic end platforms with metal torsion beam. 86A
Inline-type wheels on precision ABEC-5-sealed bearing casters. Spiked traction pads and kick tail and raised nose with
concave design for tricks and improved footing. Ages 8+, weight limit 220lbs.


Best described as a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard, the blue RazorX Ripstik caster board is the
perfect ride for kids looking for the next big thrill. The board is distinguished by its pivoting deck and 360-degree
inclined caster trucks, which offer a snowboard-like carving ability. A simple weight transfer lets you turn or
accelerate without pushing, just like when you're carving down the slopes.

In addition, the board offers such features as spiked traction pads, a kick tail and nose, and a concave deck design,
which combine to improve your foot control--a must for tricks. And thanks to the 76mm polyurethane wheels and precision
ABEC-5 bearing casters, skaters will enjoy a smooth ride on almost any type of pavement. Designed for children 8 years
and up, the Ripstik's plastic end platforms and metal torsion beam support up to 220 pounds. The board also comes with a
free How to Ride DVD.

Key Features:

* Inclined caster trucks
* Concave deck platforms
* Traction plates
* Kick nose
* Kick tail
* Rubber-padded handle
* Torsion bar
* 76-millimeter polyurethane wheels
* High-performance ABEC-5 bearings
* For ages 8+
* 220-pound rider weight capacity

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