Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

by Lifeline

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  • Two industrial suspension straps (8 feet each)
  • Two integrated easy-wipe handles and easy-in foot cradles
  • Two comfortable inline adjustment buckles
  • Two non-scuff door anchors and two strap end adjustors
  • One large, full color workout wall chart and downloadable video included
  • Two Integrated easy-wipe handles and Easy-In Foot CradlesTM
  • Suitable for everyone-from beginners to professional athletes-Jungle Gym allows you to use your own body weight for an
    amazing set of exercises that work you from head to toe. The split anchor design allows users to quickly and easily
    adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system. Develop more powerful pecs, triceps and biceps with a
    variety of exercises including pull ups, push ups, rows, cleans and flys. Strengthen leg muscles with overhead and
    pistol squats, lunges and curls. Get leaner and defined abs, obliques and lower back muscles with pike ups, bear crawls
    and holds."the width of the system. With this versatility, you can perform a countless number of exercises while
    targeting more specific muscle groups and improving core strength, flexibility and muscular power!

    -Two suspensions straps with handles, foot cradles, cam buckles, door anchors and strap end adjustors attached
    -One Duro-Link™ connection strap
    -One Poster

    - Safe, non-scuff Duro-Link™ Anchor
    - Integrated cinch loop attachment
    -Ergonomic, non-slip handles
    -Secure and adjustable inline buckles
    -Industrial suspension straps
    -Two durable Easy-In-Foot Cradles™

    -Split anchor design to quickly change the width of the system
    -Easily adjust straps for V-shaped, neutral or wide-angle suspension
    - Attach straps to tree limbs or bars with the Duro-Link™ anchor
    -Durable construction built for punishing commercial use
    -Portable for full body workouts anywhere, anytime
    -Lightweight alternative to weights


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