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Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-Being

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Is It Truly Possible to Live a Vibrant, Healthy Life
Filled with Clarity, Grace, and Freedom?

Not Only is it Possible ~ 40 Women Tell You How They Did It!

Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being is a collection of stories by women who ve faced their inner demons, fears,
and nightmares, and overcome hurdles of ill-health, "scary" diagnoses, or unfortunate genetic codes. These women, when
faced with unthinkable or unspeakable circumstances, rose up to these challenges to fight their way through inner fears
and insecurities. But that s only the beginning...

Each of these women emerged on the other side feeling blessed, grateful, vibrant, and even happy! Each transformed her
life and often the lives of those around her into one she wasn t sure was possible until she did it. Each raised herself
to a new level of awareness to find that the life she desired with all her heart is the one she deserves.

These stories speak to the inborn courage, strength, and heart present in us all. The real and raw truth of these women
may bring you to tears or elevate you to laughter either way, they ll touch a deep feeling place within that helps you
to shine a light on your own journey. Surely they will inspire and motivate you to discover your own pathway to vibrant
health and well-being!

Discover the Many Gifts, Blessings, and Lessons of a Healing Journey:

Childhood trauma doesn t have to grow older with you
Cancer survivors journey into well-being
Self-love is the starting point for all healing
How grief & despair often trigger new beginnings
Unburdening from shame and blame leads to releasing weight
Care giving & loving our parents till death do us part
Finding and healing the real you after divorce
The unspeakable loss of a child must be spoken to heal
Violence and pain opens the door to forgiveness
Release the past to live your present
Take risks to follow your passion & let your spirit soar

Authors Sue Urda
Kathy Fyler
AmondaRose Igoe
Andrea Hummel
Anita Pernell-Arnold
Carole Franques
Catherine Allen
Cheri Avery Black
Cheryl DeVaul
Debra Dennis
Dr. Barbara Tucciarone
Ericka Crawford
Erika Ruiz
Kathy Sipple
Kay Larrabee
Lela Lynch
Lillian Kui
Linda Albright
Lisa Milich
Marlene Pritchard
Melissa Brown
Michelle Gale
Miriam Belov
Monika Emad
Regina St Clare
Robin Schwoyer
Sabrina Umstead Smith
Sheila Dunn
Sheila Murray
Sheri Horn Hasan
Stacey Hall
Summer Keen
Susan Gala
Tracey Cox
Valerie Lemme
Valerie White
Vicki Leech
Victoria Pilotti
Wendy Martens
Yataye 'Yah-Tay' Keaton