Lavender Oatmeal Bath Tea with Sample Soap - Relaxing, All Natural, Herbal Tub Tea 3-packs to Heal, Soothe, Soak and Recover

Product Description

Combines the benefits of the direct application of herbal nutrients to the skin and the soothing properties of oatmeal in the bath.

NEW MAMA HEALING -Perfect remedy for post partum discomfort. Postpartum herbal remedy relieves swollen tissue associated with stiches, episiotomy and tears after childbirth. A prenatal pregnancy gift must have for the expectant mother!!

Can be used for hemorrhoid treatment and care, to reduce of swelling and inflammation, and to ease pain, discomfort and itching.

PAMPER yourself while recovering from a long day, easing muscle aches, or washing away the stresses of everyday life with soothing botanicals and the benefits of aromatherapy for instant relief.

Sample Soap type may vary. Also includes a reusable 3" x 5" muslin drawstring bag.

Imported from USA

Have you ever used an herbal bath tea before? Yes or no, maybe we can give you a few creative tips on enjoying the
1. For best results, run the hot water first and let your herb filled muslin bag "steep" for a few minutes. Then add
the cold water to bring your bath or sits basin water to a comfortable temp.
2. Gently knead the bag under water to release more of the herbal goodness and oatmeal milkiness into the water.
3. Use your herb filled bag as a wash cloth and impart the heavenly scent of lavender and soothing touch of oatmeal
directly on the skin.
4. Use the herb filled bag as a soothing eye mask while you sit back and relax. (I particularly enjoy holding the
fragrant bag against my nose and breathing in the soothing scent of lavender.)
5. Lastly, once you've finished your bath tea experience, empty the muslin bag, rinse it briefly or wash as necessary,
allow the bag to dry, and reuse with the enclosed refills.

Your purchase directly supports our small, family-owned operation and we truly appreciate your business. We are not
re-sellers of mass produced items. We developed the recipe ourselves and hand fill every single package in our Raleigh,
North Carolina workshop using fresh ingredients and with meticulous care.

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