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Black Crystal Rhinestone Scissors

Product Description

STAND OUT - The beautiful bedazzled style is great for adding an extra pop of fun to your desk at work or home.

SHINE BRIGHT - You're anything but ordinary, so why should your workspace be any different? With each piece covered in bright, eye-catching crystals, your desk will be just as unique as you are!

GREAT AS A GIFT - From the busy student to the professional, office desk supplies are a great gift for those who work and study hard!

DURABLE - Ensure you get quality supplies you can trust! Each piece is well crafted, and will stand up to normal, everyday wear and tear.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Measures 5.5" x 2.5", Blade: 3" long

Imported from USA

These scissors are covered in black crystals. The red padded handles allow for cutting in comfort. The scissors are
sharp and cut very well. The crystals on these scissors are attached by hand and wear well with light to regular use.
Aggressive use may cause the crystals to fall off.Detailed Product InformationDimensions 5.5" long 2.5" wide, Blade: 3"
longPackaging: BoxWeight: 1.4 oz