Product: 274362

Vedante Super Reflective Pop Bands (Pair) in Sustainable Packaging

Product Description

Pops on easily, no Velcro, fits most anyone

3M scotchlite(tm) reflective material

Tangerine, yellow and white reflective up to 1500 feet and material is ANSI 107-2004 compliant

Pink, red, blue, and green reflective up to 500 feet

Large 1.25 inches by 14.75 inches; Medium 1.25 inches by 11.75 inches

Imported from USA

Be Cool, be Safe be Seen! Set (2 bands) of Super Reflective arm/leg bands for 360 degree visibility in low light
conditions. Use for: biking, walking, jogging, dog walking, in night clubs or just for fun. We recommend wearing at
least 2-4 Pop Bands to create 360 degree visibility. Can be worn on arms, ankles, wrists, bike handles, baby carriages,
back packs, over non-slick jackets and more. Available in size Medium (30cm/11.75 inch) or Large (38cm/14.75 inch).
Colors: Blue, Green, Tangerine, White, Yellow, Pink.