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Product: 274865

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

Product Description

Feels dry and never wet like skin butters and salves made with petroleum and other oily ingredients

Resistant to perspiration and water yet it doesn't clog pores and it's hypoallergenic

Applies right from the stick container so hands stay clean and it washes off with mild soap

Fragrance free and invisible

Imported from USA

Stops Trouble Before It Starts. #1 because it’s uniquely dry, dependable, reliable, and comfortable, and not the least
bit wet or messy. BodyGlide Anti-Chafe balm is the most talked about, most effective skin lubricant. Great for daily
use, sports and fitness, and at work. It’s the one anti-friction product used head to toe. Gentle to the skin, yet it’s
“most trusted” for protecting feet, thighs and the upper body by marathon and ultra runners, and for more than a decade,
the official skin lubricant of USA Triathlon. It's made with plant-derived ingredients. No petroleum, lanolin or other
oils. To protect against rubbing that causes irritation, blisters and chafing, it creates an invisible, non-greasy
barrier. Used by everyone - from pro teams in all sports, from kids to grandparents, to workers in hot, humid climates
who depend on it every day. And it's unsurpassed for helping to relieve dryness, cracking and rash. It’s safe on skin
and neoprene (it’s recommended by wetsuit makers), and it helps make it easier and more comfortable to use compression
garments. Use it everywhere – hands, feet, upper body, inner thighs, under arms, shoulders and chest (nipples).
Prevention is Better Than a Cure