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Marble Run: 123 Piece Set (103 durable pieces and 20 marbles) EXCLUSIVELY AT MINDWARE!

Product Description

NO HASSLE CREATIONS: Marble Run is a MindWare favorite among youngsters and is the perfect introduction to marble runs with pieces that go together and pull apart with ease.

TOYS THAT TEACH: Exercise your hand-eye coordination and spatial skills while putting your imagination to the test. This is a great way to introduce children to trial and error.

CREATIVE PLAY: Build a Marble Run track that twists, turns, races and spins marbles at incredible speeds!

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: These brightly colored chutes, tubes, drop-throughs, merry-go-rounds and spinners stack and click together to create hours of engineering fun.

INCLUDES: 103 durable pieces and 20 marbles.

Imported from USA

MindWare's Marble Run keeps attention spans rolling. Ready to roll? This marble run is designed to let you invent dozens
of whirling, spinning paths for your marbles. This Marble Run from MindWare teaches logic, creative play, basic physics,
fine motor and problem solving skills. Set up multiple entry points to create an exciting Marble Run. These durable
plastic pieces will not easily break and interlock firmly to help support a more sturdy build. Assembly is easy: Simply
slide each cylinder end into the next piece. If you column gets too tall, you might want to add one of the
marble-catching feet or brace it with a second column attached by a slide connector. Our Marble Run comes in sturdy box
with carrying handle for easy storage and travel.